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AUPCTRE exist first as a socio-political institution, which is what trade unions are. It is also a legal institution because it is a registered trade union.
AUPCTRE exist primarily to advance and protect the economic and social well-being of workers who are its members. By that, it is its inherent function to solve rank and file members problems, that is, workplace grievances, improve their working conditions in the areas of salaries and wages, allowances, promotion, safety, productivity, security of employment and a fulfilled working life.
AUPCTRE also exist to address problems of workers who are its members that have their sources from outside the work place. These include housing, rent health-care, transportation for self and children, inflation, poverty, taxation, economic policy of government, unemployment and democracy, etc., etc. The ideals of social democracy enjoin trade unions to address employment based problems and societal problems identified above as the traditions and cardinal functions of well-meaning trade unions.
AUPCTRE therefore, as a union committed to the ideals of social democracy must commit itself to addressing problems of workers in the work place and problems of workers and society generally outside the work-place. This is because there exist definite linkages between workers’ problems in the work place and the larger society.
The above enjoins AUPCTRE, its members and leaders to manifest nationalistic perspectives rather than sectional or regional because work-place problems and those emanating in society affect rank and file members and the entire working-class irrespective of ethnic, regional and religious affiliations.