Amalgated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE) is essentially a General Public Sector Union that draws membership from: Professional, Technical and Related Cadres in the core Civil Service (Federal and States), Federal and State Government Owned Companies and Statutory Parastatals i.e. Agencies, Authorities, Boards Commission Councils etc.

AUPCTRE has offices in all the 36 States of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory Abuja and Federal Organ Lagos.

AUPCTRE stands for:

Unreserved service to its members by constantly addressing their welfare and well being in the work place and improving their conditions of employment.

Social Justice, Full Employment, Job Creation and Protection, Humane Working Conditions, Governance for Genuine Development etc.

Commitment to the Concept and Practice of Movement Unionism, Trade Union Unity and advancement of the socio-economic well being of its members

The protection, defence and sustenance of the culture of accountability and transparency in the National policy including Trade Unions.

Commitment to quality public services, enhanced work culture and merit driven employment conditions.

Commitment to workers education for the development of the Union and members i.e sound leadership qualities and skills, Trade Union and Social consciousness etc.

These we are committed to, in our struggle for a progressive National and formidable social force in which the working class shall be a counter-vailing force.

AUPCTRE’S philosophy

Trade Union Rights for all Public Service Workers

Gender Equality and employment equity for all.

Inspirational Transformational leadership style,

Strong commitment to effective and responsive leadership that responds to the aspirations and expectations of members.

Strong commitment to collective depersonalized leadership style,

Strong commitment to internal Union democracy,

Strong commitment to, inculcation of Political Trade Union Rights and Working Class consciousness,

Strong commitment to Union Leadership that is not alienated from the rank and file members.

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